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Meeting at Karibu Resort, Tzaneen; Limpopo Province, with the theme Empowering a Special kind of Ward Committee for Effective Governance and Community Development" and united as people of Molemole Local Municipality in the Ward Committee Conference as Councilors, members of Ward Committees, Traditional Leaders, and CDWs from our 16 Wards across the municipality, Municipalities in Capricorn District, Sector Departments, Managers and officials to deal with matters of Service delivery, community participation, good governance, Institutional Transformation as well as developmental issues in the municipality.

Throughout the conference, we received service delivery related inputs and comments from the leadership of our people, and we have noted and considered those comments and discussions made out of the internal departments and sector presentations. It is very clear from these deliberations that a firm foundation has been made with regard to encouragement and consolidation of community participation in the affairs of local government.

Conference identified and noted challenges raised that;

  • There are massive and huge service delivery backlogs in water provision,sanitation, housing and road maintenance.
  • The persistent Municipality low revenue base.
  • Ward Committee members need to be allowed to become CLO's in projects.
  • The out of pocket expenses for Ward Committees (stipend) be increased on a yearly basis at a percentage or amount as dictated by the budgeting priorities of the municipality.
  • Communities not clear about obtaining and accessing proof of residence from the Traditional Council's or the Municipal offices.
  • A working relations gap that exists between some communities and the pump machine Operators.
  • The grading programme for roads and streets to be structured on a ward per ward sequence.
  • By-laws not administered and applied in instances of misuse of water infrastructure and other social facilities in the wards.
  • There is rampant theft and crime involving electricity infrastructure
  • Transport arrangements to events of the Municipality be commuter friendly in terms of both pick up points and standard route plan.
  • Residents are reluctant to take up the issue of registering as voters with the Independent Electoral Commission.
  • The upgrading of electricity in all the areas where there are post connections, infields and new connections.

As conference delegates, we confirm that:

  • Convening Ward Committee Conference is in itself a positive step for communities to make meaningful contributions to the growth and development of our municipality.
  • Specific contributions received throughout this conference are useful and critical in taking developmental programs of our municipalities forward.

We, as delegates of this 7th Ward Committee Conference, therefore declared to:

  • Place particular focus on and give attention to conditions that pose threats to the sustainable development of our communities by accelerating local economic development initiatives in SMME’s and cooperatives
  • Pay particular focus on empowering previously disadvantaged groupings, which is youth, women and People with Disabilities.
  • Strengthen intergovernmental relations to ensure similar, uniform and transparent reporting and approach, in the conduct of general local government business.
  • Continue the emphasis on skills development and out of pocket expenses for ward committees and to strengthen our institutional capacity to deliver our IDP priorities,
  • Continue to implement our IDP in a determined effort to respond positively to the need for water, sanitation, electricity, roads and transport and other infrastructure necessary to sustain our current levels of economic growth in the respective wards.
  • Mainstreaming Special focus programs in all departments in the municipality.
  • Ensure maximum participation of ward committees in the affairs of municipality particularly in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), budget and performance management system processes.
  • Intensify collective governance between municipality and traditional authorities.
  • Strengthen revenue generation and financial management capabilities of the municipality
  • Establish the local water and energy forum.
  • Take the Spatial planning awareness campaign to all wards in the Municiaplity.
  • Improve the District development areas of Mogwadi and Machaka.
  • Implement the revised template on the development of Ward Operational Plans in all the wards.

We, as delegates of ward committee Conference, therefore express our appreciation and confidence in our leadership.

In order to accomplish these tasks, we are mindful of a need to continue embracing the culture of working closely with our people and grounding our municipality within a foundation of capacitated, vibrant, refined and dynamic Ward committees.

We commit ourselves to utilising the collective strength of our Institution of traditional authorities, councillors, Ward Committees, CDW'S, the whole of government, business and other community-based stakeholders to make Molemole Municipality successful.

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