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Corporate Services Department


Senior Manager: vacant
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  1. Introduction:

  2. The Department of Corporate Services is an internal service department, which means we provide corporate and support services to all the other municipal departments and employees. The department also offer support to municipal political offices, i.e. Chief Whip, Mayor and the Speaker. The main support activities include: Fleet Management, Security services, Records and Registry, Human resource management & Labour relations, Council Support and Legal Services

  3. Key Performance Areas of the Department:

    Although the department is predominantly a back end function, it does provide the following services directly to residents of Molemole:

    Customer Relationship Management

    Legal Services (by-laws and legislation)

  4. Main Divisions of the Department:
Administration and Support Services
Manager: Mr. N.J Modisha
Human Resources Management
Manager: Mr MV Mahlake
Council support and Legal Services
Manager: Mr MA Phihlela
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