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Technical Services Department


Senior Manager: Mr Yeta Wasilota
  1. Introduction:

  2. Technical Services Department is an internal department within Molemole Municipality looking at Operations and Maintenance of the Municipal Infrastructure which includes Roads & Storm Water, Electricity as well as Water & Sanitation. The department also looks into the maintenance of fleet and machineries.

  3. Key Performance Areas of the Department:

    • Operations and Maintenance of Water & Sanitation infrastructure.
    • Supply of water to communities thorough water tankers.
    • Operations and Maintenance of Electrical network.
    • Maintenance of Municipal fleet.
    • Grading and re-gravelling of Municipal roads.
    •  Maintenance of Storm Water infrastructure

  4. Main Divisions of the Department:
Project Management Unit
Mr KJ Phaahla
Mechanical & Electricity
Mr. P.I Ntjana