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Cllr E. Paya

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Kopano ke Maatla go aga setshaba se kaone, mengwaga e masomepedi le go ya pele


Molemole Municipality is located within the Capricorn District Municipality which is in the Limpopo Province, also located about 60km north of Polokwane. Molemole Municipality's head office is situated in the town of Mogwadi, formerly known as Dendron.

Molemole Municipality covers an area of 3,347 kmē. The municipality is bordered to the south by Polokwane Municipality, to the North West by Blouberg Municipality, to the south east by greater Letaba Municipality and to the north by Makhado Municipality. Molemole Municipality forms part of the five municipalities that makes up Capricorn District Municipality, namely, Blouberg Municipality, Aganang Municipality, Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality and Polokwane Municipality. One national road, the N1 crosses through the municipal area linking Molemole with Zimbabwe to the north. The provincial road P94/1 (R521) passes through the municipality and links Molemole to Botswana to the west.

The following district growth points have been identified in the Capricorn Municipality's SDF, namely Mogwadi, Morebeng and Molemole's SDF identify the following municipal growth points, Mohodi and Ramokgopa.

Molemole Municipality comprise of 37 settlements which are located within 13 wards